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Uniform & Dresscode

Uniform & Dresscode

School Dress Code

The physique of the students is an important aspect of the school life. Emphasis is laid on correct uniforms, foot wear, stockings, belts, badges, beret/scarf/hat as the case may be with an appropriate hair cut (low cut compulsory for all students). We have zero tolerance for Muftis. This for us in necessary for a holistic and added value training for our students.


For the purpose of uniformity, school uniforms, hours wears, outing/Sunday wears as well as sport wears shall be made available in the school store for distribution to students. The school policy on uniform management emphasizes three (3) sets of uniforms per session for all students at the JS level. These include class wear, two set of house wears and a liturgical/outdoor wear respectively. At the beginning of the Senior Secondary School level, SS1 to be precise, the school issues out six (6) set of uniforms (two pairs each of the aforementioned Uniforms) to students and it's expected to suffice till their graduation in SS3. However, the school considers genuine request for additional uniforms and replacements based on necessity and availability. Such requests shall attract extra fee.

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