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STGGSU is one of the Catholic Schools that fully embraces diversity, and in doing so reserves the right to accept any pupil at the school's discretion. Approximately 150 girls are registered and enjoy a high level of participation in academic activities, sport and the arts. To maintain a favourable pupil-teacher ratio, our classes average no more than 25 girls per class. Learners seeking admission to STGGSU must be in the correct age range for their grade. Learners must be able to cope with, and benefit from, the rigorous curriculum offered. We appreciate your interest in attending STGGSU. For detailed information and forms for applying to STGGSU, please contact the Admissions Office.

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Admission Process

1. You begin by obtaining the entrance form. Comprehensive information would be required when filling out the form. 2. Oral and written interview depending on the class. 3. After all conditions have been satisfied admission is granted. 4. If space is available, STGGSU will grant provisional acceptance. Please send all enrollment forms at this time, along with the enrollment deposit. The enrollment forms and deposit must be received within 30 days of provisional acceptance for final acceptance to be granted.