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Student Life

Student Life Overview

St Theresa's Girls Grammar School prides itself on holistic education. Quality is fundamental to the success of our School, and it is dependent not only on an appropriate and relevant curriculum taught by our highly qualified teaching staff, but also by developing our pupils in all areas of their lives.

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Our girls live a life of high moral standards and are expected to be models of academic excellence wherever they find themselves. This is why we place qualitative education as first in our priority list. At STGGSU, academic excellence are treated as priority 1. This belief is championed by the amiable principal of the school - Sr. Theresa Ocloo Omolara (EHJ). She occasionally takes all academically outstanding pupils from each arm to a special meal in his office. During this wonderful and special occasion, questions, feedbacks, setbacks and other related academic issues are discussed. By doing this, the morale of the students are raised and the need for hard work is promoted.

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Spiritual Development

Our highest responsibility and richest privilege at STGGSU is the task of nurturing our students in their love for and likeness to Christ. STGGSU staff members seek to root our students in the knowledge of how utterly they are known and loved by God. We foster this conviction through daily life as dorm families, discipleship, dorm devotions, Christ-centered classroom environments, a variety of student-led and collective worship experiences, engagement with Scripture, and sharing meals and conversations together in our homes. Because the boarding aspect of our school community allows us unvarnished access to all facets of each other's lives, STGGSU students and staff members have the rare opportunity to work, play, and engage in real life as we walk with Jesus together.

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Leadership & Global Citizens

Our school is proud to showcase our graduates to the world because of the values and gift we have inculcated in them. Ours, unlike other graduates are well nurtured and groomed under the auspices of experienced and qualified educationist who know what it takes to guide a child through to academic excellence. After graduation, our pupils can face the world with their fully attained and acquired skills, talent and wisdom without any reservations. Give us a trial this term, and you'll be glad you did.

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Personal Development

We have a well-planned educational curriculum that bring out the best in our girls. We boast of a well-equipped manual and an ICT-compliant e-library for real time learning. Our e-library is accessible within and around the school compound. The entire school environment from the Chapel arena, to our dormitories and sports field have access to a Wi-Fi network that runs none stop. Other well planned programs in our curriculum are sports, music, dance, drama, clubbing (debate and quizzes) and societal activities. All these put together, make St. Theresa's Girls Grammar School, Ughelli one of the best in the country.